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Linz Algebra Research Day '11

We would like to invite everybody to an informal meeting of algebraists in Linz on Thursday, May 26, 2011 in the JKU, following the tradition initiated in 2009 and continued in 2010.

The idea is that people from the different departments and institutes in and around the JKU, and generally all who are interested in algebra, come together and give a brief overview of their current research – just so that people know what the others are doing.

Place: rooms MT 126 and MT 128 (map) until 14:30, room HS 6 (map) after that.

All presentations will be informal talks, 10 minutes long, on blackboard (no projectors) and aiming at a general algebraic audience. If you plan to talk, please send a title to David Sevilla ( There is no deadline! If the contents of your talk are based on someone else's, please indicate it so that we can schedule them accordingly. We expect to be able to accommodate all petitions.

Note to speakers: please note that 10 minutes is a very small amount of time for a talk; it is very easy to misestimate (90% of the speakers of the 2010 edition did!). You are encouraged to rehearse beforehand, even if you have a clear idea of what you will say. After all, rehearsing will take you only about 10 minutes.

Tentative schedule: note that, in particular, more talks might be added at the end.

Place Time Speaker Title
MT 128 09:30 Gábor Hegedűs Riemannian polytopes
MT 128 09:45 Günter Pilz Planar near-rings for algebraists, geometers, combinatorists, and statisticians
MT 128 10:00 Tim Boykett A planning problem, a graph theory interpretation and an algebraic axiomatisation
MT 128 10:15 Gottlieb Pirsic Higher algebra methods for quasi-Monte Carlo point sets
10:30 Coffee break
MT 128 10:45 Christian Dönch Characterization of relative Groebner bases
MT 128 11:00 Günter Landsmann Solutions of partial differential equations
MT 128 11:15 Johannes Middeke A computational view on normal forms of matrices of Ore polynomials
MT 128 11:30 Franz Winkler Rational general solutions of algebraic ODEs
11:45 Lunch break
MT 126 13:15 David Sevilla Attempt at the Casas-Alvero conjecture at degree 12
MT 126 13:30 Josef Schicho Salmagundy - solitaire variant
MT 126 13:45 Michael Harrison Rationally-bounded affine surfaces
MT 126 14:00 Arne Winterhof Polynomial Waring-problem in finite fields
MT 126 14:15 Niels Lubbes Families of curves on surfaces
14:30 Coffee break
HS 6 14:45 Erhard Aichinger When the composition of two functions is polynomial, what can be said about the factors?
HS 6 15:00 Brian Moore Vibrating algebra
HS 6 15:15 Hamid Rahkooy Using Resultants for Inductive Groebner Bases Computation
HS 6 15:30 Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos Extending Orthogonal Designs
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