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Geometric algorithms for scientific computing in C++ (WS 2013)


We will present B-spline curves, surfaces and volumes and their algorithmic implementation. The lectures will have two parts; in the first part we will introduce the mathematical tools needed, and in the second part we will give an introduction to the C++ programming language, focusing on the implementation of spline geometries. There will be a related programming project that the participants have to deliver, but no written exam.

Useful background: Basics on linear algebra and geometry, some knowledge in programming in general.

C++ Project description and information available there. Delivery by April 25th, 2014 the latest.

  • Geometric objects in B-spline form
  • Fundamental algorithms for B-splines and their implementation
  • Introduction to the C++ programming language
  • Scientific computing with B-splines
Online Notes/materials
Mon 18.11.2013 Introduction. Overview of B-spline geometries and their properties
Mon 25.11.2013 Overview of Bezier geometries / Introduction to Object-oriented programming
Thu 05.12.2013C++ development environment and tools (compiler, debugger, libraries, tools)
Thu 12.12.2013Project assignments / Discussion on good coding practices and practical advice
Mon 13.01.2014Walk-through the C++ basic types, syntax, concepts, and the C++ Standard Library
Mon 20.01.2014Generic programming, static and dynamic polymorphism (templates/classes)
Tue 04.02.2014Project presentations by the students
Thu 06.02.2014Hands-on session with laptops
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