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Mathematics for Chemists 1 and Exercises in Mathematics for Chemists 1 (2011W)

Grading system

The grade will depend on a final exam (three opportunities), a midterm exam (only once in the middle of the course) and the assignment corresponding to each lecture (some exercises marked are due one or two weeks later).

The final grade will be between 1 (best) and 5 (worst) according to this scale:

  • at least 90 points: grade 1
  • 76 - 89 points: grade 2
  • 63 - 75 points: grade 3
  • 50 - 62 points: grade 4
  • less than 50 points: grade 5 (failed)

The points for the lecture will be the best of:

  • Written final exam (the theory part will count a bit more)
  • Written final exam (65%) and written midterm exam (35%)

For the exercises, the best of:

  • Written final exam (the exercises part will count a bit more)
  • Written final exam (50%), written midterm exam (25%), twelve written assignments (25%)
  • Prerequisite: to solve at least two ONE exercise in the blackboard during the course.

All the exams consist of theory and exercises.


Notes and assignments will be available here shortly after each lecture.


Resources on the web:

Personal support:

  • There are no office hours. Feel free to contact any of the lecturers to make an appointment. Questions by email are welcome.

Course materials

The schedule can be found in KUSSS.

The following is the table of contents and associated materials. If you have problems opening the files, try right-click and “save as…”

  1. Basics I: Numbers, sets, physical quantities and units (10.10.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 18.10.2011)
  2. Basics II: Real axis, drawing plane, equations (11.10.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 18.10.2011)
  3. Basics III: Vectors (11.10.2011 and 17.10.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 25.10.2011)
  4. Basics IV: Complex numbers (17.10.2011 and 24.10.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 31.10.2011)
  5. Functions I: Functions, composition of functions, inverse functions (24.10.2011 and 07.11.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 15.11.2011), solutions to the exercises
  6. Functions II: Polynomials, interpolation, approximate roots, rational functions (7. and 8.11.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 22.11.2011)
  7. Functions III: Sequences and limits of sequences, limits of functions (14.11.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 29.11.2011), partial solutions to the exercises
  8. Functions IV: Trigonometric functions (21.11.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 6.12.2011)
  9. Functions V: Exponential and logarithm, hyperbolic functions (28.11.2011) - slides and exercises (due on 13.12.2011)
  10. Differential calculus I: Derivatives, differentiability - slides and exercises (due on 10.1.2012)
  11. Differential calculus II: Monotonicity, convexity, extremum points, optimization problems, graphical representation of functions - slides and exercises (due on 17.01.2012)
  12. Differential calculus III: Differentials, Taylor polynomial, L'Hospital rule, Newton's method (09.01.2012) - slides and exercises (due on 17.01.2012)
  13. Series I: Finite and infinite series (16.01.2012) - slides and exercises (due on 24.01.2012)
  14. Series II: Power series (23.01.2012) - slides


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